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Baby Play Mat

Baby Play Mat

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 Discover the Perfect Baby Play Mat for Your Little One


1. The super-easy-to-fold mat can be packed into a compact size with a carry bag, and doesn't take up much space to store. Double-faced designs with different colors and patterns surprise you and bring your baby more feeling of freshness to arouse his curiosity.
2. Made of XPE material, free of lead, chrome, BPA, and phthalates, harmless to baby.
3. The surface is 100% water-resistant and easy to wipe up inevitable spillages with a dry cloth. Never worry about stains or cleaning issues. Double L textured design anti-slip helps to reduce slipping and sliding.
4. Since the mat is soft, it's easy to peel and tear when the baby digs the mat, please use it under parental supervision.

A: Deep Forest Zoo + Auto City
B: Water spray elephant + animal paradise
C: every day on the sky + deep forest elves
D: Happy deep forest + animal city
E: Fantasy animal + giraffe

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