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Cat Scratching Ball Toy

Cat Scratching Ball Toy

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You Love Your Cat. But You Hate The Scratches On Your Furniture!

Looking for a fun and interactive toy for your cat? Look no further than the Cat Scratching Ball Toy! This toy is sure to keep your cat entertained for hours on end. Made with durable materials, the Cat Scratching Ball Toy is built to last. Plus, the built-in scratching pad is perfect for your cat to scratch and claw to its heart's content.


 Entertainment & Exercise At any time - Did you know that many cats suffer mentally & physically due to the lack of stimulation & exercise throughout the day? The Distractor-Ball's spinning effect provides a non-stop healthy activity that keeps your cat focused & moving constantly.

 Natural Claw Trimming -
Your cat's claws will naturally trim as they continue to scratch the ball. Our ball is made from high-quality sisal that is safe for all cats and built for many years of use.

 Protect Your Furniture -
Stop worrying about your cat clawing your furniture. The Distractor-Ball will keep their attention away from tearing up your home!

 Easy To Set Up -
You can easily set up your Distracto-Ball in under 5 minutes. Simply assemble the wood panels, support rods, and ball, and tighten the bolts as shown below.


  • Ball Material: Sisal
  • Frame Material: Wood.

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