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Swan Drain Basket Sink Strainer Basket

Swan Drain Basket Sink Strainer Basket

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Swan Drain Basket General  Fruit and Vegetable Basket Shelf Strainer Sink Kitchen Leftover Sink Multifunctional Drain Basket


Multi-function Drain Rack: The triangular sink drain rack with a hook easily hangs over the edge of the kitchen sink for easy draining of washed vegetables or fruits. It can also be used as a sponge holder or storage shelf


✅Unique Design:  The triangular swan shape design makes full use of the space in the corner of the sink and does not occupy the extra space inside the sink. Lively and cute appearance, very cute, quick discharge of pores, not easy to clog.

✅Space Saving: It can be easily placed in the four corners of the sink, effectively using the edge space, and saving more space in your kitchen or bathroom.

✅Good stabilityThe long hook of the water tank filter is suitable for most water tanks. Apply a triangular structure to increase stability. Don't worry about falling, sagging, or loosening. Let you rest assured to use






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